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Friday, 29 June 2018

I got to style this Boyfriend Shirt in so many ways for @SCHICK Magazine. Go check it out, xoxo...

Outfit Details
Look 1 Boyfriend Shirt:diesel&co Earrings: Monki
Shoes: Nose
Pants: kitchen
Look 2
Boyfriend Shirt:diesel&co
skirt: Thrifted
shoes: Forever 21
bags: Redcloset35
Earrings: Lovisa
Look 3 Boyfriend Shirt:diesel&co Skirt: Lisa Folawiyo Shoes: Guiseppe zenotti
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent Look 4 Boyfriend Shirt: Diesel & co Shoes: vincci
dress: H&M
belt: Unknown Look 5 Boyfriend Shirt: Diesel&co
Geans: H&M
shoes: Zara
Earrings: Pandora
Music: Wanted by Kach Website: FACEBOOK - SCHICK Magazine SNAPCHAT - SCHICK Magazine TWITTER - @SCHICKMagazine INSTAGRAM - @SCHICKMagazine


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I have been asked a lot of questions about my skincare routine and come to think of it!!! it is time I share with you guys the products I have been crazy about. I do this routine daily before and after I apply my makeup for best results and since the holiday season is close by which means there will be a lot of travelling you definitely want your skin to look perfect girl.

Cleanance cleansing gel for face and body (200ml) Avene

When it comes in terms of pricing,Avene products could be quite pricey but does the job.This is the best facial wash gel I have encountered and it leaves my skin smooth and clean after washing with warm water.Most facial wash gel I have used does not Lather up as much as this product does while washing my face.*Thumbs up*

Clean and clear oil control toner (100ml) Clean&clear

Bye bye sunshine!! you all know what I am talking about for oily skin people this is the best oil control toner.After washing my face with the wash gel,I cleanse my face with this toner and it leaves my skin oil free and dried.

Simple hydrating light moisturizer (125ml) Simple

Moisturize!! moisturize!! moisturize!! This product is simple as it is called.Its fragrance free and light.After washing and toning up my face I apply this in a circular motion from my neck up to my face.It leaves my face soaked in moisture and wait for 10 minutes before I apply my makeup.

Bioderma sensibio H20 (100ml) Bioderma

To finish up my day I cleanse my makeup with the bioderma make up remover with a cotton pad and its great to take out eye makeup.You might as well want to tear your pocket getting a large (ml) size.The next thing follows up by repeating my cleansing,toning and moisturizing routine again.

What are your current skincare routine? I really want to hear from you guys


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Weekends are just the best to jolly(Nigerian accent) with friends.sometimes I  worry a lot about what to wear but picking out a black outfit makes you think less.Here I paired my highwaisted jeans with a black tee and accessories does the magic a hat,belt and killa boots .My loves I leave you to comment.

Black top-Forever 21


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

So Christmas is close by!!! time to shop till I drop and I have been purchasing beauty products and spoiling myself so good.I wanted a bright eyeshadow for Christmas party so its time we get those eyes popping.
And finally got my foundation shade yeawwwwww!!! its been a journey getting my perfect shade and the customer service at Mac was really good and also got a few Instagram hyped  lippies. Yass *screaming*  lets talk about the bag.Zara is one brand that gets me into tearing my pocket with no second thoughts .Its been my go to work-wear bag while interning at Female Magazine Malaysia which is very handy for me and my experience so far interning in this company has been very beautiful.
I have been MIA lately but going to push myself harder to post more .I hope you guys have a wonderful time preparing for Christmas and stay hot my loves. MUAH!!!