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Friday, 26 December 2014

Being a fashion student  I have been keeping myself up to date with every trend!!! and i'm loving Elle and Female magazine so far and swiping through every page in Female magazine I came across the 2015 new colour trend which is the "sea-foam green" check above sweeties.
O my gush this pastel colour is on point and I cant wait to get a clothing in this colour and yes less I forget how are you guys doing? ,I cant wait to hear from you all.XOXO.


Falling in love with my new buys I cant wait to start rocking them this coming new year and I think I'm loving red alot.

Shoe:Forever 21
Purse:Mango Touch.


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hey guys its been a great year for me and I know its too early for Christmas but I have been  feeling Christmas season in the air and I'm sure yours will be fabulous.

This is my first blog post and so I decided to make it an introduction!!!.This blog shows my passion and love for fashion, style, beauty and anything art. I hope you love it here and feel free to comment and share the love. xoxo!!!