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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Weekends are just the best to jolly(Nigerian accent) with friends.sometimes I  worry a lot about what to wear but picking out a black outfit makes you think less.Here I paired my highwaisted jeans with a black tee and accessories does the magic a hat,belt and killa boots .My loves I leave you to comment.

Black top-Forever 21


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

So Christmas is close by!!! time to shop till I drop and I have been purchasing beauty products and spoiling myself so good.I wanted a bright eyeshadow for Christmas party so its time we get those eyes popping.
And finally got my foundation shade yeawwwwww!!! its been a journey getting my perfect shade and the customer service at Mac was really good and also got a few Instagram hyped  lippies. Yass *screaming*  lets talk about the bag.Zara is one brand that gets me into tearing my pocket with no second thoughts .Its been my go to work-wear bag while interning at Female Magazine Malaysia which is very handy for me and my experience so far interning in this company has been very beautiful.
I have been MIA lately but going to push myself harder to post more .I hope you guys have a wonderful time preparing for Christmas and stay hot my loves. MUAH!!!


Monday, 25 May 2015


Hey loves so I have been away for quite sometime and I have been trying to balance my hectic schedule.My apologies!!.I had a wonderful weekend and spent it with my housemate we treated ourselves with some food and watched pitch perfect 2.It was amazing and so I had to take some photos because I never planned this outfit .I love my blues especially my jeans and denims.
My tip for today never get scared pairing the same colours especially different shades of the same family.How are you all doing?I will be posting effectively soon and do have a great weekend ahead.XOXO.
Denim top-H&M
Cuffs-Forever 21


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Touch of gold so luxe!!! I had the best weekend so far ,attended  the Malaysia International Shoe Festival (MISF).I had the honour to meet the shoe designer Jimmy Choo and Zang Toi in person.So many words of encouragement and saying that hard-work is the key to success.
I glamed up myself for the whole event wore this nice princess line dress in khaki or olive green color as some people call it.Added some touch of gold accessories and this nice animal print shoe.You cant go wrong when it comes to Gold accessories it so elegantly sumptuous.I hope you guys had a great weekend and keep on pursing you're dreams.Stay blessed.



Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hey loves its been an hectic semester for me.I know I haven't been too consistent with posting but I am trying my best to do so !!! please bear with me.Today was just a successful day headed straight to the mall and got some things done and got some really nice school tools, but you know what I still gotta take good photos after and here is an ootd taaana!!!,My lunch time was just so good ate Nasi Goreng Biasa with Apple juice such a yummy world .
How are you guys doing?If you ask me I have been doing great and this semester for me has been interesting but not easy.So my outfit today was just the classy look I wanted so these nice clothes you see up there when I purchased them I had it in mind to style it this way and it came out well.My styling tip for today is find that one piece that compliments you're body shape.have a great weekend loves.Muah!!!
  Turtle neck top-H&M
           Tweed pant trousers-Dorothy Perkins